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What is CX Academy?

CX Academy is an industry-leading online course that teaches you everything you need take your first steps in becoming a CX superstar. We have been helping CX professionals to grow since 2012.

CX Academy is an industry leading online academy consisting of multiple different courses and certifications such as the 8-lesson online video program for Customer Experience 101.

All our courses are built with video lectures and additional resources such as ebooks, template, tests and quizzes and one on one coaching and all lessons are available in presentation format.

Courses & Certifications

If you are new to CX it is a good idea to take the courses in order starting from the "Introduction to CX" and work your way to the "CX Masterclass. If you are unsure which course is good for you, please visit course specific pages or get in touch

- we are happy to help!

Introduction to CX

This course covers everything you need to know to start your career as CX professional and gives you the basics about CX and the CX Academy so you can continue studying ahead!

This course is for people who are new to CX with no prior experience.

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Customer Experience 101

In this course you will learn how to create the happiest customers in the world. Take the skills you've learned in Introduction to CX and and become a certified CX pro. This course covers the basics of building a winning customer experience strategy - from planning to implementation.

This course is to cover the basic knowledge and certification in CX.


Advanced CX Management


This course shows you how to build a winning customer experience strategy with more advanced CX program and strategies. Certifications are included in the price. (Coming Soon)

This course is for people who are working in CX and want to advance.

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The CX Masterclass

Learn from the best of the CX industry - inventors of NPS and builders of the most succesful customer experiences globally. Get certified with the highest honours in the industry.

This course is for people who are already deep in CX and want to get even better.

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Antti Seppälä

CEO & Entrepreneur

”CX Academy delivered me relevant cutting edge CX knowledge in a form of easy to consume courses. This training has allowed me to execute an impactful CX program for my team.”

Tero Ylönen

Chief Marketing Officer

”I was looking for an entry level course on CX with all the most important factors to educate my staff. Each and everyone in the company took the course and loved it – this really made impact!”

Stephen Roux

Investor & CEO

”I have worked with Jaakko (program teacher) on numerous projects. He can really put complex things in an easy to understand form so that learning is easy – would recommend this course to any marketing professional!"

Why get certified?

  1. You'll be recognized as a certified customer experience professional.
  2. You'll get the latest industry knowledge around customer experience to stay ahead of the curve.
  3. Exclusive opportunity to join our community at CX forum and explore unlimited opportunities to network with industry experts, influencers, and our thriving community.
  4. Everyone who enrolls in CX Academy will get the opportunity to become a contributor for the Feedbackly Blog. Your post will be put in front of thousands of readers!

Our Students

Our students are CX & Marketing professionals who later on lead their own category and builds the future of Customer Experiences.

"At this point, I just want more! I have taught business for 14 years now to folks who had been in between jobs and this is super valuable. I will defenitely ad this content to my teachings as well. Looking forward to the more advanced course!"

- Jerry, Marketing professional

"A complete overview of all aspects involved around Customer and Employee Experience. Looking forward to the following courses.”

- Santiago, Sales Manager

Meet your coach


Jaakko Männistö

Jaakko is a startup entrepreneur, founder and award winning customer experience professional at @feedbacklyapp as well as the founder of the biggest entrepreneurial digital community in Finland - Yrittäjä.io.

He is a keynote speaker, who talks about everything from entrepreneurial stories to day to day human communications, personal branding and of course customer experience. He is also the author of the book "The Journey - How to create the happiest customers in the world"

He enjoys coaching golf, sailing, smoothies and doing triathlons. When he is not able to find any wind or customers his time goes writing and building wooden surfboards. Everything you need to know about him, you may find here jaakkomannisto

What Are You Waiting For?

CX Academy and certification will help you to take the next step in your career and help you grow your business.